About Us

Swing on by and meet the Broken Twig Decor Family!
Broken Twig Decor is a family owned and located in Lebanon, Tennessee.
Established in 2013 under the name Posey Beans, and originally a photography prop company, the tree swings became a classic favorite for photographers and everyday families.  After careful evaluation and creativity, Broken Twig Decor is now known for not only tree swings, but, it's very unique home decor and gifts.
Broken Twig Decor's tools of the trade include many processes, including wood burning, engraving, powder coating, gas inking, plasma cutting, wood working, and so much more!  
Broken Twig Decor serves individuals, custom orders, specialty boutiques/businesses, and wholesale. 
Many of you have met Broken Twig Decor during craft, music, and community events throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Unfortunately, during the current health crisis, many of these events are on hold.  Greatly missed, please check the Travel link on the home page to see where BTD or Stodge will be next! 
In 2020, Stodge was created as the little brother division of Broken Twig Decor.  Stodge's main focus is bar drink ware and tools. The distinction was created to help manage in person sales events.
Don't worry! Big Sis has taught Stodge well, and both operate under BTD. 
Ashley is the artistic director, day to day operations director, production director, and the ringleader of the circus.
She has spent many years in artistic fields and retail management fields.
Her passion is creating.
JC is the CFO, the heavy lifter, and the reality checker!
His strength allows everything to run smooth.
The Circus:
Each of Broken Twig Decor's Six Children play a vital roll in the business. 
Each offers their own strengths, wether it be muscles, quick wit, paint brush masters, customer service, shippers, and broom pushers.